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Meet Team VA°



Our names are Dylan and , we are the founders of Valhalla Athletic.We love that we have had the opportunity to bring this space to life for the benefit of so many people. 


Valhalla Athletic came to Dylan in a dream. Originally a Yoga and Recovery cent, this dream expanded and developed into the facility it is today.


We keep a very real and open mind when it comes to health. Through our experiences, we came to understand that not one training regime is best or better than the other and in pursuit of achieving optimal health, we believe it is incredibly important for body, mind, and soul to experience various methods of training and apply what best suits for that individual.


For this reason, we share a passion for the exploration of different forms of exercise and work on embedding them into Valhalla Athletic. We have experienced great value from methods such as resistance training, powerlifting, olympic lifting, endurance running, plyometrics, yoga, and pilates as well as various recovery methods. We have done our best to include these here in our facility so everyone can find the value we have.


We love what we do, we love our people and we love this place. Our hope for the individuals entering our doors is that they feel challenged, supported, and apart of a vibrant and energetic community co-working to improve themselves on not just the physical but also internally.





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Dylan is the head coach at Valhalla Athletic. Dylan has grounded himself in this industry drawing from years of extensive training experience and furthermore experience in the industry which has developed him into a highly skilled coach.


In the group training space here Dylan has embedded a culture that gets our people ONBOARD pushing themselves to their limits and achieving goals that once may have seemed impossible. Dylan is a hands-on coach with a passion for injury management and prevention. 



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Zak has helped a number of people achieve their goals from gaining strength, increasing flexibility, and mobility to improving overall functionality and movement. The most important things Zak teaches his clients is the knowledge of combining quality movement and nutrition with a positive mindset and a balanced lifestyle to help build their confidence. All Zaks clients are different, presenting unique goals and Zak carefully tailors his knolwedge, advice and programming to the individual and their lifestyle. 

From Zak:

Ultimately I want to help as many individuals improve overall function, create better movement, and assist in balancing a healthy and fun lifestyle to become better versions of themselves!

Phone: 0416 671 733 



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After many years of pursuing his own journey, in 2018 I decided to dive into the fitness industry a little deeper.

Dean began investing in himself. Developing knowledge around different types of training, nutrition and experimenting with many ways for the human body to feel optimal.
As Dean continued to find his way in the industry, he began to discover a true passion in helping others find theirs.

Dean believes to reach ones true potential, we need to begin to approach it from multiple avenues. Incorporating ways to provide higher levels of energy and performance both in and out of the gym.


From Dean:
The fire in me is well and truly lit. I want to pass down my experience and knowledge to any individual who seeks it. Guiding them on their journey and showing each of my clients that there is a better way of living.

Phone: 0431 117 092


Sione tatu

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Sione, born in the Pacific island of Tonga.

Sione has been in the fitness scene for 7 years. Sione has had an incredible personal fitness journey, from an obese individual to losing 50 plus kilos but he did not stop there. Sione went on to explore Crossfit and Weightlifting and is now a competitor in both sports at a national level. He holds current national titles in NZ in both sports and is currently working on taking the titles in Victoria. We're so excited to have VÅ watching this space as Sione fulfils this goal!

Sione has now been a coach for 5 years. In his coaching expect to be pushed to your limits, be driven and know that you are learning from an incredibly experienced individual. With Siones personal experience he excels in teaching olympic lifting and is all about sessions that bring on that sheer grit needed to take you to that next level.


Taylor Gotovac

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Fitness has always been a huge part of Taylor’s life. Growing up on the stage as a dancer planted the seed for her love for movement, and since then this love has grown so many branches. Strength & weight training, cardio/high intensity sessions, water sports, yoga, stretch & remedial conditioning exercise - movement makes her whole, however it’s been her admiration for Pilates that has tied the knot and driven her career.

Tay obtains a strong belief in holistic health - that our state is not only to be measured physically, but equality the condition of our mind & soul. Interlaced in her passion for wellness also comes her love for food science, as she completes her qualifications as a Nutritionist.

Why Pilates? Tay believes it’s the fitness worlds greatest concoction: it’s strength, flexibility, mobility, mind/muscle engagement, alignment, total body burn that leaves you feeling invigorated post workout, is creative, contemporary and hands down FUN!

She is here to get you moving, help you feel empowered, support you and challenge you. Her aim as an instructor is to bring you dynamic Pilates movement that applies deep burn, tests your control & stamina and of course that you enjoy. “You never complete a workout and regret it afterwards”, is words she stands by, and she guarantees you’ll feel the same after her classes!



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Molly is both Pilates Instructor and Yoga Teacher at Valhalla Mat Studio. She comes with an abundance of experience which brings so much knowledge into her teachings.

Molly initially came to Pilates in 2013 as a way to manage pain associated with scoliosis. After years of dedicated practice, she experienced a whole range of benefits from increased body awareness, posture alignment, core strength and stability, and the complete realignment of her spine which cured her scoliosis.  After experiencing such an immense transformation, it was clear for her to begin to share her knowledge of Pilates with the world. Molly teaches core awareness, muscle activation and bracing techniques together with breath work and subtle but effective movements to increase overall strength, posture and injury prevention.

As a Yoga Teacher Molly takes you through a flow practice but also creates space for pranayama and meditation. Flow with Molly invites welcome challenges for backbends, arm balances and inversions, of course, always with options. Molly holds space beautifully for you to practice on your mat and shares with us that what you practice on your mat can be practiced off your mat.




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Dean, a coach here at VA and Cat his partner, together founded One Hundy Experience in 2020. Cat qualified nutritionist and Dean PT together form an overall experience for their clients. They target nutrition, training, mindset and lifestyle in their unique approach.

Phone0431 117 092



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Zak Goold is available for one on one nutrition coaching to assist in gaining health. He creates an extremely positive coaching environment to guide his clients to develop a healthy perspective on nutrition. As an experienced personal trainer he can collaborate both services to drive results.

Phone: 0416 671 733 


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Ed Sotero from Ironborn Physiotherapy has been embedded in the Valhalla Athletic team from day one. With over a decade of experience dedicated to strength and conditioning training of himself followed by his masters in physiotherapy, Eddie has molded a unique exercise-based approach to Allied Health. Eddie offers Physiotherapy services in-house at Valhalla Athletic and also Clinical Group Physio sessions and Personal Training. Head to his website too for more details on Ironborn Physiotherapy and to book services with him.




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Dylan, Founder of Valhalla Athletic will either be found coaching classes or undertaking remedial therapies at both locations.


Dylan is passionate about helping people get out of pain and move better. He performs a very thorough service and books out well in advance. 

Dylan manages bookings manually so the best way to secure a spot with him is to contact him via phone or always check his instagram stories where he posts his availabilities frequently throughout the week.

Phone: 0415 919 042

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