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Train, Stretch and Recover, the 3 concepts that sub-categorise what we do at Valhalla Athletic. We believe the pursuit of optimal health must have an open-minded approach and does not abide by one method of training.


Health is a broad concept and when striving for Optimal Health we should be exposing ourselves to various methods of training be that physical, internal, mental or emotional. 



At Valhalla Athletic, we explain our Group Training to be “a taste of everything.” We provide variations and explore many different methods of physical training in our Gym space. You can expect variations of powerlifting, olympic lifting, HIIT, boxing, plyometrics and strength and conditioning.


Our rosters change frequently to keep training exciting for our members but to also stimulate adaptations by changing the way we train and the focus of the training on a regular basis.



One on One training is available with our coaches. We only collaborate with coaches we believe are of the highest of levels and support the values of Valhalla Athletic.

Our personal trainers are self-managed meaning the set their own times and their prices.


Please head to “Meet Team VA” to explore their biographies and obtain their contact details to enquire directly with them. 



Yoga has and always will be apart of Valhalla Athletic. We are fortunate to have amazing teachers who really embody the values of Valhalla Athletic. On the mats, our teachers guide us through welcome challenges that can be applied outside of the yoga studio.


Some classes have a heavy focus on the internal and others have a stronger focus on flexibility and balance. Strengthening and lengthening the muscles and body in such a way has been a huge benefit to all those training in our gym space assisting with injury pre-hab and re-hab.


We are bringing a whole new vibe to Pilates in our studio. With Reformer Pilates, Barre Pilates (barre currently only at Coburg) and Mat Pilates. In just a few short weeks we are due to drop two new sessions on our schedule HYBRID & SWEAT. T

Pilates brings a strong focus on technique and developing mind-muscle connection through correct activation of muscles and targeting the strengthening of the stabilising muscles not just our larger muscle groups.


With consistency to the Pilates Method you will experience improvements to posture, sculpting and toning benefits as well as develop muscular endurance and stamina in a new way. 



Our Sunlighten Infrared Sauna uses infrared light to penetrate deep into muscle tissue. Our sauna can reach temperatures up to 70 degrees for those willing to push their limits however infrared heat therapies are still effective at lower temp ranges. Our sauna uses dry heat through infrared light which means it is much more comfortable at high temperatures than other forms of saunas. The use of Infrared Saunas has robust benefits including:










We promote our sauna as an incredible recovery tool and recommend using the sauna at least once a week however for optimal benefit 3 x a week. The above list of benefits will largely help you on a path to recovery working the muscle tissues 

Remedial massage

Ironborn Physiotherapy commenced with Valhalla Athletic in December 2019. You have your choice between Eddie or Dylan for your massage and Physio needs. Both take a different approach to injury recovery as the live and breathe the training we do at VA.

To book with Dylan DM his Innstagram @remedialmode

To book with Eddie hit the link below.

IMG_5457 (1).JPG

Craig Hardingham, Founder and Director – Injury Active Clinic

I believe a healthier you is a happier you and good health can be achieved through many facets. I get to see the detrimental effects pain or injury have on people daily, which can range from not being able to exercise to not being able to walk. I also get to see the transformations people make when they start to live a life vacant of pain and injury.

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