The Valhalla Athletic training space is where our members gain strength, build muscle, and burn fat.

Our group training space has a seasonal approach where we shift our focus of training to not only keep your training fresh and exciting but to also create more opportunities for positive adaptations.


We also offer one on one personal training sessions. 


Valhalla Mat Studio is the studio upstairs where you will be challenged in a different way. We believe yoga and pilates have an important place in the training world and there is exceptional benefits if you can add these methods to your training regimes.


You will be tested to find end ranges of movement through flexibility, balance and core strength. Pilates will develop an incredibly strong mind-body connection and heighten body awareness. Yoga presents both physical and internal exercises where our teachers will guide you through welcome challenges that can be applied outside of the yoga studio too.

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Recovery is possibly the biggest most underrated concept when it comes to fitness. If you have plateaued with your results chances are you may be needing to focus on your recovery more than your training.


Your muscles undergo extreme stress and tension when training and it is not until we are resting that our muscles grow and adapt. Sleep and rest days are the most important methods of recovery however to assist and enhance recovery Valhalla Athletic offers Infrared Sauna and Physiotherapy services through Forge Physiotherapy.  


Valhalla Aesthetic is our skin and cosmetic services at VA. The ethos of VA overall is very much to help you become a healthier, happier and more confident version of yourself and skin health has so much to do with this. 

Tay one of our OG members at VA runs Valhalla Aesthetic and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience providing facial services such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, skin needling and cosmetic services.

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Valhalla is the Norse equivalent of heaven, a mythical realm beyond ours where fallen Viking warriors are made whole and eternally rewarded for their bravery on the battlefield.


To us, Valhalla is a place for human growth and improvement. Our mission is to make you better than you were before you walked through our doors. Strengthen your core, your mind, and improve your recovery all in one place.

Valhalla Rising



Valhalla Athletic opened its doors in December 2018 and since then has developed into a community that is rich in culture and fresh positive vibes. We provide a facility that has helped create happier and healthier people both physically and internally. 


"My consistency with training has fluctuated over the years and I have found that outside support is just as important as my individual motivation. I have never been as committed and determined as I am now since starting at Valhalla.


The trainers are dedicated in creating variety, skill acquisition, appropriate form, encouragement in overcoming my own internal mind body struggles and most importantly FUN in all our training sessions. Although the enthusiasm of the trainers forms a strong foundation to Valhalla’s community, the camaraderie between members is what makes it feel more like home than a gym. I never find myself bored or counting down the minutes through a session, rather looking forward to the next. The gym means more to me than just ‘looking good’ where I find feeling most accomplished when I complete a set or a run I didn’t think I could, and this I owe to Valhalla for improving my own belief system.

There’s no place I rather be ❤️"



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